Where to Buy Wedding Wardrobe in Delhi?

Wedding shopping is one of the toughest things to do for the whole of the family, and not just the bride and the groom. So naturally, people start preparing many months before the wedding date for the outfits and the whole of their wardrobe for the coming wedding. The pressure is all the more for the bride and the groom who then start preparing for their wedding trousseau months in advance. This is all because wedding shopping in Delhi can be tough, and with so much money being spent, and so much to buy and to pick from, one needs a lot of time. Also, once you choose your outfit, to get it made for you take a lot of time.


With so many new designers coming in and with the ever-changing trends are styles which are in, you have to be incredibly careful before you make a choice. So since its clear how important it is to choose just the right outfits for your wedding, isn’t it also very important that you choose the right stores and find out about the best markets which will help you with shopping and perfecting your wedding wardrobe? Well of course it is.

So when you go out wedding shopping, you should do all the hard work before. Ask all your friends for recommendations. Whatever they know about the markets and stores can be of good help to you. Maybe one of their suggestions could get you the dream outfit you have been waiting for. And maybe some of them will tell you about the markets you should skip, and save you a lot of trouble! So if you ask around, it will definitely help with sorting out markets for your visit. Another very important thing is, before you go shopping, get a good idea about what it is that’s trending, and what you like.

Ask people around who is fashion savvy for suggestions too. This can help you out so much in deciding what kind of outfits you should be going for. Another very important thing to consider when buying wedding wardrobe, is going for the colours that work for you. Taking into consideration your body type is also a good idea. Combine all of these factors, and then think about what is in, and trending. And the next time you go shopping, after you have decided what kind of markets you want to visit and what you want to skip, look for these kinds of styles. Don’t be too rigid about finding the exact thing, but do use your input to choose from what you see. Or if you are into that kind of a thing, you can totally meet a designer and get them to design the perfect outfit for you, taking into consideration your body type, personal preference, as well as what is trending right now.

Some of the best markets in Delhi for Wedding Shopping are:

  1. Chandni Chowk
  2. ShahpurJat
  3. Lajpat Nagar Market
  4. Defense Colony Market
  5. Karol Bagh Market
  6. Punjabi Bagh Market