Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Interestingly enough, there are quite a few neat ideas with regards to wedding centerpieces HOWEVER are you mentally prepared to manually do them all?

I recently came across a company called Gardenia’s Fire that creates edible flower-esc. bouquets perfect for the wedding reception tables! Cost effective and most importantly already made.

These edible bouquets are made with the yummiest of products such as macarons and elegant cupcakes that they serve as another alternative to dessert.

Here are some of their fabulous bouquets. Many are available in various different colors.

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Based in New Jersey, they hand deliver all of these products to the New Jersey Weddings and New York Metro Area Weddings as well.

If you would like to have every aspect of the guest experience to be edible, you could also order separate macarons and gift boxes as the wedding souvenir.

Samples?! yes please. For anyone that has used Gardenia’s Fire please feel free to comment about your experience.

For more information regarding these bouquets, please visit: