Stylish accessories for a complete wedding look


With the wedding day being the most important day in a future bride’s life, it is no surprise that all brides to be want to look gorgeous on this occasion. Still, a perfect wedding gown is not all there is to bridal preparations and some effective details and accessories are equally important in order to highlight bride’s beauty in all her glory.

Great shoes

Good fun starts with perfect pair of shoes that are made for walking, dancing and admiration. It may seem difficult to actually find shoes that are both comfortable and fashionable, but the truth is that most designers nowadays try their best to join these two aspects together, thus making a perfect shoe. Together with the dress, shoes are important part of bridal look. If you are on the lookout for traditional but glamorous shoes or elegant ones in blue color that will match your gown on the point, but still leave your feet pain-free, you might want to check out the Badgley Mischka shoes and finish one more task before the wedding. Still, no matter how well the shoes fit, it is important to walk around in them before the ceremony to ensure that everything will go smoothly.

Hair accessories

Flowers in bride’s hair are the most common detail these days, especially because you can wear natural flowers for a nice spring wedding or use flower details in hair clips and combs. Depending on the theme of your wedding, you can pick colorful flowers or stick to romantic details in white, silver or champagne. The gentleness of the flower goes hand in hand with the bride’s appearance. Moreover, there are many other possibilities for decorating your hairstyle by adding pearls or crowns and tiaras that would make you look like a true queen, which you definitely are on this big day.

Gloves and rings

Nothing says elegance more than combination of gloves and ring. You can pick your gloves based on the look of your wedding ring so that these two details will match well when worn together. Long silky white gloves would look great with strapless dresses if you want to add some more texture to the upper part of your body while shorter lacy gloves would make the whole look more detailed and interesting. If you wear long delicate gloves, you can always decorate your wrist with bracelet as well but for lacy intricate gloves, ring is more than enough as a final touch.

Boleros and wedding coats

If you really want to wear that strapless dress or the one with open back you might want to think about wearing something over your shoulders, especially if the day of the wedding is a bit colder, and to add some more texture and detail of course. There are special boleros and long coats designed for wedding ceremonies that would make any dress more princess-like with their intricate lace embroidery. This is especially true for long lace coats that would go perfectly with a simple, free-falling dress.

The day of your wedding is something that is special and memorable for everyone and therefore you should take enough time to get yourself ready to impress both the guests and your future husband. If you love the way you look, you will feel confident and your smile will shine brighter which will become the best accessory and memory when you look at your wedding pictures in the future