Best Ideas for economical wedding


No need to ruin his marriage to a memorable day. With a little ingenuity and collaboration of your loved ones, you can get away cheaply. Such planning is also useful for other events such as wedding anniversaries and birthday parties.


The number of guests

A shortlist can make all the difference. It is true that it is not easy to resolve and eliminate workers. We would like everyone to share this day with us. But if our budget is modest, we must be realistic and not invite our relatives. It is important to discuss with his spouse and to stick to the rules we established together.

The choice of the date or time of celebration

Marriage can choose to celebrate in “low season” in the fall or winter. Why not get married in the morning and a wedding lunch? The meal will cost less. And nothing prevents to continue the celebration throughout the day.

It appeals to our network

This is the time to capitalize on the talents of everyone: our friend who has nimble fingers, our amateur photographer friend, our sister divinely kitchen. It pays according to the service. Relatives are often affected being asked to actively participate in this special day. Moreover, their unique touch will give a really intimate and personal tone to your wedding.

The announcement

We can easily create your own our own invitations using the computer and paper quality. One can also seek help from a friend who has a graphic designer. To further cut costs, we ask guests to RSVP by email or phone.

The reception room


A large empty room is expensive to decorate: rent tables and chairs, tablecloths, centerpieces, flowers, etc. Why not instead opt to celebrate the wedding in a cozy restaurant that requires minimal decoration?

For centerpieces, opt for originality and fi is made floral arrangements that can drive up the bill. It sticks to the theme of our wedding and pares the original way tables with colorful tablecloths, bowls of fruit, candles.

The music

With an MP3 player, a computer and a good stereo, it’s easy to set the mood and dancing guests at our favorite tunes. We put a responsible friend at all. If the room is large, is also thought to bring a microphone to make announcements.

The dress

Your dress does not need to be bought in a specialty store where costs are very high. You may well choose a beautiful evening dress without breaking the bank. It is also possible to rent her dress cheaply. And if we are lucky to have around him a seamstress, he was asked to create for us a unique dress that looks like us. Such trick is also useful for wedding anniversaries especially for 5 year anniversary gifts.

The bar

The full open bar can be very expensive. We can limit the free drinks some alcohol (wines selected for the evening and the welcome cocktail, for example). We can also give vouchers for a set number of free drinks. Some places also allow that brings our alcohol.


Here too, our network of friends can help us. We ask a friend or acquaintance to be our official photographer. One can also leave blank CDs on tables or instruction to access a photo sharing site, and guests are asked to share with us their best shots of the evening. And comical memories, we leave disposable cameras on the tables and allowed our guests surprise us with their impressions of the festival. S


In some families, a tradition that a family member to make the wedding cake. Why not adopt the idea and ask a close to improvise pastry?

These are just a few ideas. With a little time and imagination, you can get to significantly reduce costs. In addition to not get into debt, it creates a unique party, personal resembling us.