Candles The Most Romantic Wedding Favor

Every couple gives their guests a wedding favor, and most of the time they want it to be something romantic and memorable. There is nothing better than the look of joy and happiness on your wedding guests’ faces when they receive their favor and really appreciate the sentiment. Though there are several great options out there for wedding favors, there is nothing more romantic than giving them a candle. Each time they light their candle they will think about your wedding day and they will be flooded with all sorts of great memories; making candles one of the most timeless choices possible.

Why Candles are Romantic

There are many reasons that candles are the most romantic wedding favor, but no reason is more obvious than the ambience that they put off while they flicker in the dark. There is just something so breathtaking about the soft light that is produced by a candle, your guests are sure to appreciate them and rekindle that flame that resides in both of their hearts. Candles produce the perfect mood lighting for a sensual evening at home, so they are sure to find the romance hidden in every flicker of the flame.


Great Pairing Ideas

Though candles are very romantic, some couples want their guests to have something they can use at your wedding reception. Though candles aren’t very expensive to begin with, you also don’t want to spend a fortune on the additional wedding favors that your guests will be using. To keep things as inexpensive as possible, wedding sparklers are an ideal choice to pair with the candles. Not only are they inexpensive, but they also fit the same genre as candles so everything will look fantastic.


They’ll Be Used

Probably the best part about giving your guests candles as wedding favors is the fact that they will actually be used. Many wedding favors end up sitting on the shelf gathering dust because they aren’t practical for daily use or are only intended as a keepsake item. Your guests will not only love receiving their candle at your reception, but they will also love using it throughout the year and they will think of your special day each and every time they light it.