Amazing Summer Bachelorette Party Ideas

Getting engaged and planning for wedding are such amazing moments of life. Days, in between engagement and wedding ceremony should be remarkable. just celebrate these days and have fun with your dear ones, go out, shop like a crazy, or if you are overwhelmed with planning details. Take advantage of summer season and throw a bachelorette party outside. Here are few ideas for throwing party in summer:


Beach club party 

You can plan it either at home or abroad, taking out girls at beach club for a relaxed weekend in the sun. Enjoying with your closest group of friends watching the sunny sky and beautiful view of beach side. Having drinks, sea food, pool access just doubles the joy of day. Look for the spa and other treatments on the beach to give most amazing feel to your body and soul.

Arrange drinkable party’s

Arrange chain of drinks for you and your closest one and then rock the floor with music, dance and party hard till clock moves for dark.

Hit the waves

If you are planning for a beach side destination wedding, then it’s a great idea to plan a trip to feel the beauty of sea and sun. Don’t forget to use sunscreen when you are wandering on the beach or risk your complexion on wedding ceremony.


If you are tired of preparing for your wedding in summer, you can choose a hill station and plan camping for a small break. It’s a different idea of planning a rustic bachelorette party with your besties. Pitch a tent, late night chats with your friends, nature walk, sitting in front of camp fire and looking for sky, counting stars, adore the beauty of sunrise and feeling the freshness of nature and many more. What else you are looking for?

Luxurious cruise

Book a cruise or a boat to plan a luxurious party for bride and bridesmaids, give royal touch on open seas. Send bachelorette invites before wedding cards to your besties. Arrange drinks, snacks, sunscreen to enjoy with a regal feel.

Garden party

Throwing a garden bachelorette party for your bridesmaids could be budget friendly. You just need a pretty garden, simple arrangements for picnic, a place to sit, delicious food and snacks, a bottle of champagne, games and other entertaining activities for your guests.

DIY party

Organizing extraordinary events with few resources and extreme creativity can be impressive. DIY craft can give wings to your simple tea party even. (opt turquoise theme)

Tea party

If the bride is fond of her dreams, then arrange a tea party of her dreams with grace of pink and blues.

Vineyard tour

If your bridesmaids have attraction toward vines, then you can plan bachelorette in a vineyard. Taste different flavors of vine and go through the variety of grapes, a vineyard has to offer.

Movie night

Simply plan for watching a movie and spend whole night with your besties.

You can grab any idea to celebrate one of your precious day in an epic way.